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Menu Design

Adapting Branding and Design for Restaurants
Typography, Layout Design
Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator


Approach: To design and maintain multiple menus for diverse restaurants within Eataly Boston, ensuring each menu reflects the unique identity of its respective establishment while maintaining consistency with the overarching Eataly brand aesthetic. 

Implementation: The menu design process involved meticulous attention to detail, from utililizing  fonts and color palettes to curating imagery that captured the essence of each restaurant's offerings. By collaborating closely with restaurant managers and culinary teams, we identified the unique characteristics and focuses of each establishment. I tailored the menu designs to highlight their individual specialties and celebrate current seasonal features.

Outcome: The menus produced not only functioned as practical aids for diners but also served as captivating previews of the culinary journeys awaiting them at Eataly Boston. The designs seamlessly harmonized with the broader brand identity of Eataly while presenting the extensive range of dining choices within the establishment. This tailored approach to menu creation significantly enriched the dining experience, fostering a cohesive atmosphere that accentuated patrons' appreciation of the Eataly brand. It also effectively directed their attention to the specific highlights and features the restaurant aimed to spotlight.

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