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La Pescheria

Fishmongers Kitchen
Branding, Illustration, Typography, Layout
Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Challenge: Lead the development and launch of branding for a high-end seafood restaurant nestled within Eataly Boston, aiming to evoke a playful, relaxed, and premium ambiance reminiscent of an Italian seaside escape. 

Implementation: Collaborating with Eataly's CEO and Marketing Director, I conceptualized a branding strategy that celebrated Boston's rich seafood culture while embodying the coastal charm of Italy. Drawing inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between Boston's local fishermen and the seaside towns of Italy, we curated a palette dominated by soothing shades of blue, evoking the tranquility of ocean waves. Watercolor accents and whimsical illustrations of seafood added a touch of whimsy and sophistication to the brand identity. The typography, aligned with the overarching Eataly brand, featured a simple rounded sans-serif font, contributing to a sense of relaxation and enhancing the overall dining experience. The branding concept was implemented across various touchpoints, including signage, menus, and digital assets. Each element was carefully crafted to convey the restaurant's upscale yet approachable atmosphere, inviting patrons to indulge in a culinary journey inspired by the bounties of the sea.

Outcome: The launch of the high-end seafood restaurant at Eataly Boston received widespread attention, establishing it as a premier destination for seafood enthusiasts in the heart of the city. The playful yet refined aesthetic resonated with patrons, as an intimate dining bar La Pescheria celebrating Boston's maritime heritage and the culinary traditions of Italy. By seamlessly integrating with the overarching Eataly brand while maintaining its own distinct identity, the restaurant successfully positioned itself as a standout offering within the Italian marketplace. The Branding was then developed as similar concept in the Eataly Toronto location with the branding used in large scale decor around the restaurant.  

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