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Bar Takeovers

Pop-up Branding Features
Layout, Typography, Illustration  
Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator


Challenge: To lead the development, installation, and launch of seasonal bar takeovers and rebranding initiatives at multiple counters within Eataly Boston, aiming to create distinct identities and aesthetics for each concept promoting featured brands and items all while ensuring consistency across various Eataly locations nationwide. 

Implementation: The bar takeovers and rebranding initiatives involved close collaboration with cross-functional teams, including marketing, culinary, and operations. From conceptualization to execution, I worked to bring each vision to life, overseeing every aspect of the process to ensure adherence to brand standards and guidelines. Through careful planning and execution, I successfully transformed the counters into vibrant and inviting spaces that resonated with patrons and reinforced the Eataly brand's reputation.

Outcome: The bar takeovers and rebranding initiatives at Eataly Boston garnered positive feedback from patrons and stakeholders alike, breathing new life into the counters and enhancing the overall customer experience. By establishing clear branding guidelines and style languages, we created cohesive and visually appealing concepts that captured the essence of each counter's offerings. The success of these initiatives paved the way for similar installations at other Eataly locations, fostering consistency and unity in brand representation across the Eataly network.

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