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Le Torte di Eataly

Italian Cake and Dessert bar
Branding, Illustration, Typography, Spacial Design
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop 


Challenge: Lead the development and launch of the branding for Le Torte di Eataly, a takeaway counter showcasing an exquisite selection of cakes crafted by Eataly's Pastry kitchen. Our objective was to create a branding identity that radiated a sense of premium quality while celebrating the meticulous artistry behind our cake selection.

Implementation: Drawing inspiration from the sophistication of Eataly's dessert offerings, we crafted a visual identity characterized by a refined color palette of blue and gold. Minimalist line art illustrations further enhanced the brand's elegance, creating a visually captivating counter that served as a focal point within Eataly Boston. The development and launch of the branding for Le Torte di Eataly involved a collaborative effort across various departments. From designing eye-catching signage to curating an enticing display of cakes, every aspect of the branding was meticulously executed to create an immersive and memorable customer experience. Situated at the heart of Eataly Boston, the counter provided customers with access to an exquisite selection of cakes suitable for any occasion, adding an extra touch of elegance and delight to their celebrations. 

Outcome: The branding launch for Le Torte di Eataly was met with enthusiasm from customers and stakeholders alike, establishing the counter as a premier destination for premium cakes within Eataly Boston. The visual identity and curated selection of cakes reflected the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship,that was launched perfectly with increase in dessert catering around the holdiay season. By seamlessly integrating with the Eataly brand while maintaining its own distinct identity, Le Torte di Eataly successfully positioned itself as a standout offering within the renowned Italian marketplace.

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