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Convention Videos

Advertisment for Mall and Convention Center     
Photography, Video Editing, Animation
Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere


Challenge: Create a captivating video advertisement to promote Eataly Boston's diverse dining options to a large audience at the bustling Boston Convention & Exhibition Center as well as the Prudential Mall. 

 Implementation: The video advertisement was planned and executed to advertise services and events to captivate the wide range of visitors to the mall and convention. We selected footage showcasing the vibrant atmosphere and mouthwatering dishes offered at Eataly Boston, ensuring the was visually engaging and emotionally resonant. By using the video screens that are positioned above the entrance and at majore throughfares, we aimed to create a memorable impression on visitors and inspire them to explore the culinary delights awaiting them at Eataly Boston. 

Outcome: The large-format video advertisement proved to be highly effective in driving foot traffic to Eataly Boston. Its strategic placement and captivating content attracted the attention of thousands of convention center visitors, enticing them to experience the diverse dining options available at the renowned Italian marketplace. By leveraging this prime advertising space, we successfully amplified Eataly Boston's visibility and reinforced its position as a premier destination for culinary enthusiasts in the heart of Boston. 

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