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REdetermination Videos

Social media videos for community outreach and education 
East Boston Neightborhood Health Center
Animation, Video Editing
Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Illustrator


Challenge: Create engaging social media videos for the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, emphasizing the importance of reapplying for MassHealth coverage and reaching a diverse audience through multiple languages. 

Implementation: By incorporating animation and a lively color palette matched with the clients brand colors, we ensured that the videos were both visually appealing and informative. Our multilingual approach ensured that the key messages were accessible to the diverse community served by the health center. The project involved close coordination with the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center to understand their communication goals and the linguistic needs of their audience. We produced the videos in multiple languages, utilizing clear and concise animation to convey the critical steps for reapplying for MassHealth coverage. The vibrant colors and engaging visuals were strategically chosen to capture attention and maintain viewer interest across social media platforms. 

Outcome: The animated social media videos successfully engaged the target audience, effectively communicating the importance of reapplying for MassHealth coverage. The project not only enhanced the health center's outreach efforts but also reinforced its commitment to serving the diverse needs of the East Boston community.

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