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Terra Rooftop Italian Grill

Fire-kissed Italian restaurant 
Branding, Illustration, Typography 
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop


Challenge: Develop the branding identity for a rooftop dining experience within Eataly Boston that celebrates nature, traditional Italian cuisine , and locally sourced ingredients while celebrating a giant wood-burning grill located in the center of the restaurant. 

Implementation: Working closely with Eataly's CEO and Marketing Director, I conceptualized a unique branding that stood out as a premium yet approachable restaurant under the Eataly umbrella. Drawing inspiration from rustic elements and the vibrant hues of nature, I crafted a palette that resonated with the restaurant's organic focus. Bold, sans-serif typefaces were selected to convey modernity and confidence, reflecting the restaurant's casual atmosphere and strong woo-fired dish The branding identity was brought to life through various touchpoints, including menu design, signage, and digital assets. Hand-drawn illustrations were meticulously incorporated into the menu, serving both an aesthetic and educational purpose by showcasing Italian ingredients and culinary traditions. This attention to detail enhanced the overall dining experience, immersing customers in the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine. 

Outcome: The branding identity received widespread acclaim, setting a new standard for high-end dining experiences within the Eataly ecosystem. Its success led to the replication of the concept across multiple Eataly locations in the United States and Europe, further solidifying the brand's reputation as the go to high-end restaurant to be established in every new Eataly location.        

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